Alternative Business Funding

Alternative Business Funding Available now from Stellar Capital Solutions, Inc.

What we offer

We get you the funding without the hassle of banking institutions. Upon submitting your application, our experts will contact you within 24 hours to work out the best plan for your business or real estate funding solution.

Small Business Funding

All businesses need consistent cash flow to operate successfully. When the need for additional financing occurs without warning, Stellar Capital Solutions offers creative solutions to get you capital — fast, flexible and easy.

Unlike traditional banks, our funding can be used for anything your business needs — without requiring a detailed business plan. Even if you struggle with bad credit, Stellar Capital Solutions gives equal consideration to your application.

Merchant Cash Advance

Get the money you need now using your future revenue. We provide your business with an upfront sum of cash by purchasing a future portion of your sales. This flexible plan gets you the funding you need quickly and easily.

With a small, agreed-upon percentage that works with the flow of your business, payback is just as simple. Short-term financing helps you return to keeping 100% of your income faster, allowing it to grow.

Invoice Purchasing

Stellar Capital Solutions can advance you cash by purchasing your business’s outstanding invoices — a fast and efficient method of getting much needed money into your business right away.

You get an advance of approximately 85% the value of your invoices, with most of the remaining 15% paid to you later. Invoice financing is the perfect solution to cover late-paying customers or slow downs in cash flow.

Working Capital Funding

Once you’ve found the capital to get your business going, what happens when you struggle to meet daily expenses? to pay your staff? Stellar Capital Solutions provides a simple way to take the pressure off your business’ everyday expenses.
We can get you an advance as working capital to be used for anything that you need. And unlike traditional finance institutions, we’re more than happy to help out those with poor personal credit.

Unsecured Business Funding

Every business reaching for success can benefit from additional funding. Most institutions want your business to put up collateral as a means of insurance, complicating the process of getting funded.

We work with your business to ensure that the process of receiving the funding you need is simple and easy. Without having to present collateral, we can have your business approved in a matter of days.

Asset Based Loans / Bridge Loans

Our funding programs provide capital to companies for investment opportunities that focus on purchasing and rehabilitating commercial properties/1-4 unit residential and multifamily fix and flip opportunities.

We offer quick turnaround times and preferred financing terms for repeat borrowers with an active pipeline of transactions.

Business Funding - How it works

Stellar Capital Solutions provides alternative financing to businesses looking for quick access to capital. We offer short and long term plans and can get you funding within 24 to 72 hours.

How does Stellar Capital Solutions get paid?

Depending on the program, we collect a percentage of your sales from your business checking account or credit card processing transactions.

What is my interest rate?

There is no interest rate associated with purchasing future receivables.

What is the APR?

There is no APR. Once you have generated enough future sales to deliver through our collection, you will have performed under the agreement. In general, the concept of an APR only applies in consumer-type transactions, not in business transactions such as future receivables purchasing.

What is a merchant cash advance?

An amount paid to a business to purchase future receivables.

What is the “bargained for exchange”?

Stellar Capital Solutions buys your future receivables at a discount. For example, in exchange for $10,000 advance funding, you agree to sell $10,800 of your future sales as they are fulfilled.

What if I have bad credit?

Our agreement to buy your future receivables is based on your sales history and the probability of your future sales.

Do I need to accept credit cards?

No. You do not need to accept credit cards. We can work with all forms of business receivables while reviewing an application, including cash, checks, and invoices.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. You guarantee that your representations made in the agreement are honest and accurate. In the event the business fails or if the representations made during the review and approval process are false or misleading, you may be liable.

The business capital you need, when you need it the most.

Cash flow is vital to the success of every small business. An advance from Stellar Capital Solutions keeps you in control of generating growth. Our advances are easy to understand with no hidden fees. We show you how much we’ll advance, and how much you’ll return to us — it’s that simple.

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